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My experience as a Customer Ops Grad: Carys Aujla

Carys Aujla (1)

Our graduate programme is currently open for applications! We think it's the best programme you'll find for miles... but don't take our word for it. We've been catching up with our existing graduates at Flutter UK & Ireland so that you can hear from them what it's REALLY like to work here.


Carys Aujla is joining us today. A Customer Operations Graduate currently working within Sky Betting & Gaming. 


Carys, thanks for joining us! Let's start with what you were up to before you joined us here at Flutter UKI? 

I studied Marketing, with a year in industry, at university. I knew I wanted to be on a grad programme and particularly a rotational one as I wanted to continue to learn and develop after graduating. Also, a grad programme is a great way to kickstart your career when you aren’t 100% sure on what you want to do because you get a flavour of different roles and the business.


What made you choose Flutter UKI, had you heard of us?

I’d not heard of Flutter at all before applying to the grad programme but after researching the company, I recognised the UK and Ireland brands such as SBG, Betfair and Paddy Power. What differentiated this grad programme from the rest was it was sport focused which is great when you have an interest in sports and it appeared to be a fun environment to work in. 


How did you find our application process?

Application processes by nature are stressful but I appreciated that the application process at Flutter was as straightforward as possible. We were given the interview questions prior to the assessment centre; this allowed me to be prepared and feel more confident and relaxed on the day. The assessment centre was a good way to meet and chat to other potential grads and because I’d met a few of the grads during the assessment centre it was nice to see some familiar faces on the first day.


What rotation are you in at the moment, what does your day to day look like?

I am currently on my Marketing Operations rotation within the SBG Promotion Operations team who build all promotions across Bet and Gaming, as well as the front-end content on Gaming. I’ve worked on a variety of projects such as improving the onboarding process of new tools, project management and shadowing/learning the day-to-day role of an executive in my team. I enjoy feeling like a part of the team, I feel very welcomed and included. 

What's your opinion on the Grad culture here?

The grad culture here is great and because we are all on different schemes and in different teams it’s interesting to hear about what everyone’s up to. You get a wide high-level understanding of teams and areas of the business that you wouldn’t get exposure to without the grad community. There’s a lot of us in total across all the programmes so there’s always someone about in the office to chat and eat lunch with.


Have you made use of the £1000 learning fund yet?

The learning fund is a great perk, I spent all the £1000 last year and will be doing the same this year. It’s basically free money to spend on something you’re interested in. For example, I purchased an excel course as I’d like to further develop my excel skills. I also purchased podcast platforms; audio books and I’m looking into doing a course to achieve extra qualifications.  


What advice do you have for grads applying this year?

Do your research, be prepared and be confident during the application process. Doing these things alongside showing your personality will demonstrate to the recruiters you’re motivated and keen for the position. Now’s a very exciting time to join the business as there’s a lot of change and exciting opportunities coming up! 

Thanks Carys, it's been great catching up!

Remember, if you like what you read here - our Graduate applications are currently open. With roles available in Tech, Finance, CRLO, People and Commercial. 


Click here to visit our Graduate page to find out more and apply. 

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