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My experience as a Tech Grad: Amy Lenihan

Amy Lenihan (2)

Our graduate programme is currently open for applications! We think it's the best programme you'll find for miles... but don't take our word for it. We've been catching up with our existing graduates at Flutter UK & Ireland so that you can hear from them what it's REALLY like to work here.


Today we're talking to Amy Lenihan, a Tech Graduate currently working as a developer and software engineer for Betfair, on the backend of Exchange. And if that sentence makes no sense to you, don't panic! This is all stuff you'll learn on the job. 

So Amy, let's chat! Tell us about your journey before you joined us a grad? 

I had absolutely zero idea what I wanted to do before I came here. I had a vague interest in data science and networking technologies, I was working in an IT department elsewhere, fixing computers and patching through connections for everyone in that office. I thought I had zero interest in being a developer! 

I initially applied for a role as an infrastructure graduate, which at the time I didn’t get. Fortunately, I got offered the role I’m in now working as a backend developer instead and by pure leap of faith I took the offer and haven’t looked back since! I have loved every second of it and have a totally different outlook on the job. It’s so engaging and interesting to see how everything on the exchange comes together and with the job my team does I also get to fulfil the interest I had in pursuing a career in data.  

I was motivated to look for a graduate programme because I wanted to keep learning and keep developing and to be in a position where I’m supported to do that is the absolute best of both worlds. 


What drew you to Flutter UK & Ireland? 

Being Irish I had obviously heard of Paddy Power and knew a few friends who had worked in the stores as bookies. When I was searching for a graduate programme, I saw Flutter and didn’t initially know that it was the parent company to Paddy Power. When I was applying then I did my research into the company and that’s when I discovered what Flutter was. I remember thinking that Flutter just looked like a fun place to work for. When I was looking on the likes of Glassdoor for employee reviews that really solidified my decision to apply for the role. The 1,000-euro self-development fund wasn’t something I saw anywhere else! Not to mention the uncapped holiday days. The perks of the role nearly seemed too good to be true.


Applying for these kinds of programmes can be long winded and nerve wracking. How did you find our application process?

Super straight forward! Even the online segment of the interview was okay to do, a lot of places only give you one chance to record one answer, with the Flutter UKI online assessment I was given the chance to re-record the answer. This made me a lot less nervous. A lot of other places don’t give you that chance and it’s a one and done situation. Even the in-person interview, having the questions beforehand was very helpful and really helped to settle my nerves. 

Doing the in-person assessment was a fun day. It was interesting to meet and see the other potential grads. It felt really relaxed, and sort of homey in a sense. While we were doing the group work, I didn’t feel any sort of pressure, it just seemed like puzzles to be solved and not like it was a part of an assessment of any kind. Even then when I went in to do the actual interview, I felt like I was just in having a friendly chat. 


Tell us about your role! What have you been getting up to lately?

Currently I’m working on Betfair’s Exchange on Team Atlas. My team handles a data analytical tool that works on the exchange data to perform various calculations such as the premium charge. I’m currently working on the introductory project that everyone who joins the exchange does to get familiar with the hierarchy of the exchange and how it’s structured. I’m enjoying learning the full process of creating and completing a project and seeing it through all the way to the end. 

How are you finding the learning and development opportunities?

I love how many opportunities there are! I think it’s a great way for me to learn new technologies and anything that is relevant to my job role. For example, I bought a course with the self development fund to learn java since it would be essential to projects in my team. I have also bought a few books with it and am considering spending some of my fund to go to a conference. It’s a great tool to utilise if you think there is anything you feel like you have a gap in knowledge on.


Finally, what advice would you like to give to anyone considering applying for this years programme?

Yes, yes, yes!! Absolutely go for it. I couldn’t recommend this programme enough. It’s unlike any programme any of my friends from college are on. It’s such a fun company to work for, and it feels like the employees are really valued here. There’s so much opportunity to meet new people and grow both personally and professionally. Everything happens and changes so rapidly here that there’s always something to do and something new to learn. 


Thanks Amy! We've loved speaking to you.

Remember, if you like what you read here - our Graduate applications are currently open. With roles available in Tech, Finance, CRLO, People and Commercial. 


Click here to visit our Graduate page to find out more and apply. 

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