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My experience as a Tech Grad: Riya Gupta

Riya Gupta

Our graduate programme is currently open for applications! We think it's the best programme you'll find for miles... but don't take our word for it. We've been catching up with our existing graduates at Flutter UK & Ireland so that you can hear from them what it's REALLY like to work here.


We're talking today with Riya Gupta. Riya is a Technology Graduate currently working as a Cloud automation engineer for Paddy Power and Betfair. Let's get started!


Hi Riya! Thanks for talking to us - let's kick things off with you telling us what you were up to before you found our Graduate Programme?

Before joining this role, I traversed through various avenues in my career journey. I began as a SAP developer at Accenture, delving into the intricacies of enterprise systems. However, I felt a pull towards a broader understanding of data analytics, prompting me to pursue a Master's in Business Analytics from UCD. Despite my experiences in SAP and business analytics, I never felt fully anchored in a specific career path. My undergraduate studies in Computer Science provided me with a solid foundation, but I yearned for more diverse experiences. 

Throughout my career, I've worked with a plethora of tech stacks, exploring different fields and technologies. However, I never quite found my niche. Instead, I found myself continually drawn to learning and embracing new challenges. This perpetual quest for knowledge and growth became the driving force behind my decision to seek out graduate programs. 

While some may have a clear-cut vision of their career path, I found myself constantly evolving, seeking opportunities that would foster continuous learning and exploration. Grad programs, with their structured learning environments and diverse exposure, seemed like the ideal avenue for me to further expand my horizons in the realm of IT. 

So the rotational aspect of our programme was probably a draw for you! Was there anything else that attracted you to working for Flutter UK & Ireland? 

What attracted me to Flutter UK & Ireland, particularly its brands like SBG, Betfair, and Paddy Power, was initially the recognition I had of Paddy Power and Betfair. However, it wasn't until I delved deeper into researching the company that I discovered Flutter was their parent company. Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to meet Laoise at a grad fair at UCD shortly after my research. Her first-hand experience with the company and the opportunities it offered resonated deeply with me. 

The prospect of delving into a completely new field within the gaming and betting industry from an IT perspective intrigued me. It presented not only a fascinating challenge but also an opportunity for personal and professional growth. As I further explored the company through reviews and testimonials, I was impressed by its reputation for being culture-friendly, inclusive, and fun to work at. Being a non-Irish individual myself, the emphasis on a welcoming culture added to the appeal, ultimately compelling me to apply. 

How did you find the application process?

The application process with Flutter UK & Ireland was refreshingly straightforward and user-friendly compared to other companies. It was a seamless experience, alleviating much of the usual nervousness associated with job applications. The video interview format allowed candidates to present themselves comfortably, with the option to re-record if needed. The assessment day stood out as a unique and enjoyable experience. It fostered a welcoming atmosphere through icebreakers and collaborative tasks, providing insight into the company's culture. Interacting with fellow grads and employees from diverse backgrounds enriched the experience, making it both enjoyable and insightful. Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to connect and learn in a supportive environment. 


Tell us about your current role, what rotation are you in at the moment?

I'm currently serving as a Cloud Automation engineer within the Infrastructure team, primarily focusing on our major client, Paddy Power and Betfair. My role involves diving into various cloud and AWS technologies, applying them in real-world scenarios. While the journey has been challenging, it's also incredibly rewarding. Exploring the realm of cloud technologies, which I hadn't previously encountered, has been both enlightening and enjoyable. What I particularly appreciate about my role is the autonomy it offers. I have the freedom to choose and delve into intriguing projects, with my team providing invaluable guidance along the way. Collaborating with fellow grads, learning from our collective experiences, has been a cornerstone of my growth journey here. Overall, it's been an enriching learning curve that I'm thoroughly enjoying. 


Are there any projects you're working on that you've particularly enjoyed so far?

One notable project I've been part of revolves around upgrading the ansible image to the latest version. Collaborating with a fellow grad, we've embarked on a challenging endeavor, generously supported by our team despite our lack of prior experience. The Team’s emphasis on learning from mistakes and providing comprehensive guidance has been instrumental in our progress. Additionally, the culture of celebrating collective and team efforts during company and team town halls has been incredibly motivating and rewarding, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie within the team. 


We hear a lot from our grads about how much they enjoy our culture! What's your opinion on that?

The graduate culture at Flutter UKI is incredibly welcoming and supportive, much like the broader team. I've developed close relationships with my fellow grads, and we truly support each other through our journey. It's reassuring to have such a supportive network to navigate challenges and share experiences with, whether it's during work or on coffee breaks. 

How are you finding our learning and development opportunities?

The learning and development opportunities at Flutter are truly exceptional. I've taken advantage of the £1000 learning fund to register for courses that not only enhance my professional skills but also cater to my personal interests. The support and freedom provided by my managers to pursue these courses have been invaluable, and initiatives like the UCD diploma funding further reinforce Flutter as a place where one can truly grow their career. 


Finally - have you got any words of wisdom for anyone considering a starting their career with us?

If you're considering applying for this year's Grad programme at Flutter UKI, my advice would be simple: go for it without hesitation! This programme offers unparalleled learning and growth opportunities, backed by a supportive and inclusive culture. Trust me, it's a decision you won't regret. From the freedom to explore diverse projects to the encouragement to pursue personal and professional development, Flutter UKI provides an exceptional platform for kickstarting your career journey. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


Thanks Riya we've really enjoyed talking to you - we are looking forward to helping you find the area of tech that you are most passionate about!  

Remember, if you like what you read here - our Graduate applications are currently open. With roles available in Tech, Finance, CRLO, People and Commercial. 


Click here to visit our Graduate page to find out more and apply. 


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