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Behind the scenes of the Sky Bet marketing campaign

In January 2022 our new Sky Bet marketing campaign featuring Roy Keane hit TVs all across the UK.

Watch the advert now on our YouTube channel.

Then read on to find out more about the campaign.

Our campaign objectives

The ultimate objective of the campaign was to increase brand consideration, growing the number of people who would consider using Sky Bet now and in the future.

We specifically wanted to reach beyond our current customers and speak directly to people who don’t see Sky Bet as a brand for them. We wanted to tell them something new and compelling that would help change their perceptions of our brand and offering.

This activity is just one, small part of a much bigger drive to increase brand consideration, that encompasses all of our marketing functions.

Our vision and how we brought it to life

The No.1 driver of brand consideration in the betting category is ease of use. Customers want an app experience that is slick and seamless in getting them to where they need to go. The image of Roy Keane, ducking and weaving his way through potential distractions ahead of kick off provides the perfect sporting analogy for the superior app experience that we offer our customers.

We combined our ease-of-use message with our UK’s No.1 betting app status to give our audience not one but two compelling reasons to choose Sky Bet.

With the help of teams across the business we developed a series of proof points that help people understand what it means to be with the UK’s No.1 betting brand. These proof points tap into various areas of our offering including our superior app experience, how we reward our customers as well as the shear amount of offers we produce every single week.

With all this on offer, why would you not choose the UK’s No.1 betting app?

Why Brand Consideration?

We enjoy incredibly high levels of brand awareness – however it is one thing to be known and a very different thing to be actively considered by your audience.

List all the car brands you know.

Now think about all the car brands you would be willing to actually buy.

Your second list contains all the brands you would consider. As a brand, it’s harder to get on to that consideration list but that’s exactly where we need to be if we’re going to continue to grow as a brand.

Consideration is the key stepping stone between being known and being ‘my brand’. It’s about creating a relationship with potential customers and giving them reasons to choose Sky Bet ahead of anyone else.



The best part of the campaign was seeing teams from across the business come together to make this work a reality.

Countless people (too many to name), from departments across the business, have played an integral role in delivering what is one of our best campaigns to date. Bravo!


Leading the competition is at the very heart of this campaign.

Combining an array of famous faces, our exclusive access to Football League partners and No.1 campaign message to showcase our industry leading credentials.


Despite his on-screen persona, Roy Keane is a actually a really lovely chap. Whilst we were fearing (and had planned for) the worst, we found him to be incredibly accommodating, easy to work with and, overall, a lot of fun to be around – meaning we’ve very hopeful of working again with him in the future.

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