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Best of Betfair Q3 Roundup

Every month, colleagues working in Betfair flood their Slack channel with their "Best of Betfair" nominations! This people led form of recognition, sees people nominating their colleagues for their work. Whether it be a particular project, product or just simply going above and beyond. 

We sent out a call to ask a few of our recent nominees about the work they were nominated and won for for.


We are delighted to kick off with Steven Coogan, CRM Executive for Betfair gaming! 

What does your day to day look like at Betfair?

My day-to-day entails, Building comms, managing stakeholders, future planning, analysing sends and working together with the gaming CRM team to deliver BAU sends and longer term projects such as game launches and tests to optimise our comms.  

What were you nominated for?

I was nominated for a loan move over to the Sports CRM team while they were short on staff due to a mixture of organisational shifts and people on annual leave. I managed our CRM channels through a very busy time - Aintree to be specific!

Finally, what do you enjoy the most about working for Betfair? 

I really enjoy working with people day to day that are so welcoming and friendly, even when things are stressful during busy periods everyone is always willing to lend a hand if you’re stuck!  

I’ve never once been turned away when seeking help from anyone, or I’ve never felt nervous reaching out if I am stuck.  

Up next, Rob Gill, Head of Design in the Betfair Product Team.

What does your day to day look like at Betfair?  
I lead the Product Design team for Betfair. Our team cover both Sports and Gaming as well as owning the disciplines of Product Design, Design Systems and UX Research. Day-to-day I can be involved in very high level discussions that help set our long term strategy or I might be getting into the design details in order to support the team. 

What were you nominated for?  

I was nominated for pushing new ways of working between design, product and technology. We took a trip to Cluj. 2 of my colleagues dropped out of last minute due to illness and my late night flight was delayed. I ended up with just over 2 hours sleep ahead of an all day workshop, which due to absences I had to do a lot of the leading on. 

Finally, what do you enjoy the most about working for Betfair? 

The work that the Product Design team does can really make an impact and be seen in the product. We’re seen and appreciated. Betfair prides it’s self on experimentation, meaning design have a voice at the table. 


Last but certainly not least, Harry Middleton, Betfair UKI Performance Marketing & CRM Manager

What does your day to day look like at Betfair?  

Leading a team of three to deliver Betfair’s CRM approach across the full Gaming customer lifecycle, with a focus on cross-sell, early life, in life & winback campaigns, automating where possible. 

What were you nominated for?  

Push notifications are a great way for customers to stay up to speed with updates around new games, latest offers & key account information. My team and I drove the re-launch of Push notifications for Gaming customers after a period of not being able to use these due functionality issues. 
Finally, what do you enjoy the most about working for Betfair?  

The best thing about working at Betfair (except for unlimited holiday!) is without doubt the people. It would be Betfair without the people. Being spread out across Dublin and London, my team has maintained a great culture of playing together as a team through collaboration with multiple business functions, helping us to win by producing the best customer experience possible through personalised and relevant CRM communications for our customers. 

Thanks so much for talking to us about your nominations! There are lots of nominations every quarter for some truly inspiring work and achievements being made across Betfair, we look forward to bringing you some more very soon.



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