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Flutter UKI Values Awards 2024

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On the launch of our new values, we asked our colleagues to nominate people across our division that they felt best embodied each one.

We shared recently that Soraya Niculescu and Alex Murphy were first crowned as our winners who best exemplified ALL of our values and were invited to join the Flutter Entertainment Plc NYSE celebrations in New York, as part of their prize! See how they got in in our video below. 


We now have MORE winners to recognise after our awards took place with CEO Ian Brown hosting live from our Hammersmith office. 

All of our winners won a £500 experience voucher, along with a few more little treats on the day with our team winners getting up to £1500 to spend as a group on an event or experience of their choosing. 

Let's find out more about our winners and their nominations! 


Customer First Always

Customer First, Always

Francesca Borg, Customer Service Team Leader, Malta

Francesca received several nominations for her leadership approach and always ensuring that her
agents can excel and provide the best service to customers. You know whenever Fran is ‘let loose’
on any customer issues, we end up with a 9/10 positive result for the customer. 

Kate Wells, Senior Insight Manager, London

Kate has lead the charge on extensive work on Racing customer research and insight which led to
significant development in the UKI Racing Strategy. Conducting workshops that have informed the
strategy with commercial teams across our Brands as well as product workshops specifically on
building out product roadmaps for Racing. Kate ensured we had a clear picture of our Racing
customers and how we can understand more about them to grow the sport. 

Change The Game

Change The Game

Graham Phillips, Associate Software Engineer, London

Graham took initiative to design and build a new tool as part of the Horse Racing
Automation project, something that has not been prioritised but has been a desire! He has
delivered a feature that is of significant technical benefit to the team, the scope of what he
delivered showed a strong understanding of the pain points for developers in tracking down issues
within the tech stack, and of the pain points for traders where manual intervention was previously
required to solve problems.

Aoife Keyes, Digital Account Manager, Dublin

Aoife led an exciting performance marketing programme across Paddy Power and Betfair performance, which is an experimentation pipeline - collating documents and roadmapping the experiments occurring across performance marketing channels. Over 80 different experiments have launched in 2023 and Aoife
played an instrumental role in the governance, process, ideation of the Pegasus programme. 


Win Together

Win Together 

Racing Trading Team, Dublin and Leeds

In December 2022, the team started off planning for our first and biggest test of a newly formed
team working together - The Cheltenham Festival. From building out personalised Trading strategies for all three brands to bringing together effective reporting. They have delivered a strong festival based on the plans and worked together as one team with effective communication throughout. We now have a blueprint for running a successful major festival as one team. 

Fraud Strategy Team, Dublin, Malta and Spain 

This team have implemented a number of fraud controls and systems to solve key problem areas in the business that we were looking to solve. They introduced new systems alongside their ongoing daily analysis in order to identify new fraudulent trends so that we can adapt our control environment at significant pace. Their collaborative efforts beyond having a huge positive impact for the business, have demonstrated resilience, agility and innovation.


Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me

Andy Brennan, Senior Product Owner, Leeds

A ‘legend’ in the Gaming tribe, he is referred to as the glue that keeps teams and communities together. He is open and honest about his personal experiences and uses his voice to help others feel more comfortable to be themselves at work.

Rebecca Moloney, People Experience Manager, Dublin

Becky is the chair of the Pride network and a champion for LGBTQIA+ across the business and beyond. She advocates for a diverse workspace making everyone from all backgrounds feel valued and respected. Aside from her role in the Pride network, she was a brilliant leader to her research team.

Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees! 

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