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Flutter UKI Welcomes Cheryl Bosi as Chief People Officer

This week we are delighted to welcome Cheryl Bosi to Flutter UK & Ireland as our new Chief People Officer. 

We managed to catch up with Cheryl to help get to know her background, experiences and what she's most looking forward to...

Cheryl joins us from a long and accomplished background in Finance. For the past three and a half years, Cheryl has led HR on behalf of HSBC UK. With 14 million active customers and clients and around 22,000 employees across the country, her experience of HR leadership for colleagues at scale and within a Global organisation will bring valuable insights to the way we work here at Flutter UK & Ireland. 

Cheryl’s achievements include developing and leading the overall global hybrid proposition, transforming performance management and driving new and thoughtful inclusion strategies.

Cheryl comments: "Within the hybrid proposition specifically, the emphasis centred on customer and commercial performance outcomes, team collaboration and individual flexibility which, when combined, and led positively by line managers created a positive culture and competitive advantage as a direct result." 

Cheryl built and drove an Inclusion strategy which focussed on “3 R's”: Respect, Representation and Reputation. This strategy saw great success in transforming HSBC UK's inclusion goals with great strides being made in it's very first year of launch - and the lasting positive impact still being lived across the business today. 

Prior to HSBC, Cheryl worked for Lloyds Banking Group where she undertook HR Director roles for the Retail Bank and Scottish Widows Insurance. And her other experiences have meant she is well versed in customer facing leadership roles, a range of HR specialisms, transformation, acquisition and merger projects and implementing cultural change programmes. 

During her time at Virgin Money, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC, Cheryl has introduced group-wide changes to performance management; linking frameworks to business outcomes and behavioural development.

Outside of the office, Cheryl balances her work life with family commitments with her husband and two young daughters.

As the UK & Ireland division of Flutter Entertainment, we share in the Group-Wide Positive Impact Plan targets, one of which includes a target of achieving 40% of women in top leadership roles by the end of 2026.

In connection with this topic, Cheryl has played an active role in supporting the Woman in Finance Charter which pledges:

  • Committing to supporting progression of women into senior roles
  • Recognising the diversity, setting it's own individual targets to implement the right strategy
  • Encouraging firms to be transparent and take accountability for changes and progress on deliverables 

Cheryl comments on this: "Although this Charter sits within the Financial Sector, the values of these pledges are significant to businesses across all industries and are relevant to Flutter UKI." 

We asked Cheryl, what made her want to join us here at Flutter UK & Ireland?

Cheryl said: "The ambition, people and culture at Flutter UK & Ireland really stood out to me. I’m excited to be working in a new industry and look forward to everything I’m going to learn along the way!

I'm also looking forward to gaining further personal growth, new skills and helping to build and lead a first class HR team who are integral to the commercial success of the business. I also love to have fun at work and believe Flutter will be a great fit for me.

Thank you for the warmest welcome to all the well wishers I've had so far online and to those who I met at the RISE event. Please continue to reach out and introduce yourselves!”


Thanks Cheryl, great to have you on board! 

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