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The Dublin office

The Dublin office opened its newly renovated doors in October 2021 as Flutter’s Global HQ, having previously been Paddy Power’s Head Office, known locally as Power Towers. The building boasts six floors of views of Dublin and the Dublin mountains with the most famous features of the building being it’s football pitch in the Atrium and the stairs crossing overhead could give Hogwarts a run for it’s money. The office has it’s own state of the art gym and showers, as well as a games room on the fifth floor.

The office was designed to be a gem in the local area of Clonskeagh, with carefully considered features such as a working beehive on the roof to benefit the local ecosystem and a terrace made of succulents. On the ground floor, staff can make use of Flutter x Market - Ireland’s first frictionless shop – as well as The Exchange restaurant on the fifth floor.

Flutter Dublin