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Central Support.

What we do

We are a collection of essential teams that act as a central point of reference formatters such as legal, compliance and financial for the entire business.

With so many projects and campaigns being imagined, created and launched at any one time, it’s our job to help them all tick along as smoothly as possible, providing the support and guidance they need to have maximum impact with minimum disruption.

The same goes for our people. We are here to protect everyone who works with us, making sure everything is as it should be.

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Why work in central support

The business depends on us. We’re integral to everything Flutter UK&I produces with stakeholders across the division to get things right.

That means you get to meet lots of people and consult with a variety of on business-critical topics. It’ll give you great exposure to some serious expertise.

Ultimately, as part of Central Support, you get the satisfaction from being able to help others, and know that you’re creating safe and protected environments for people, across multiple sites and brands.

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